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just discovering us? Welcome dude! We’re so happy you’re here!

We’ve got something for every mood: cults, cryptids, crime, creepy crawlies - and even other things that don’t start with the letter “c.” if it’s f*cked up, we’re talking about it. But Starting a new podcast can be overwhelming, especially when there are 100+ episodes, right?

Wrong! We’ve put together a quick start guide for your entry into the DTFU-niverse! Below are five, curated episodes that really represent this podcast. They introduce, establish and reinforce some of the language and inside jokes you’ll see and hear across sosh meeds (social media, if you will). And if you like these episodes, there are plenty more where they came from.


It’s the one word any longtime listener would associate with this podcast, and this is the origin episode.

Episode Topic: the Heaven’s Gate Cult

Bonus episode: “HERFF” really stuck in the next episode about Bigfoot.

*silently laughs then sighs in unison*

we do our show notes together, so there aren’t always many surprises. But this episode proved that we could still surprise each other after all these years.

Episode Topic: Weird Animal Penises

sexy stuff

Two words: clit stroke. (And it doesn’t mean what you think it means. But also, it does.)

Episode Topic: One Taste, the Orgasmic Meditation Cult

Bonus Episode: This one is all about the history of the vibrator and we are mostly, very intoxicated.

A-holes and B-HOLEs

it only took two episodes for us to establish one thing: we like talking about buttholes. Why? we’ve had some interesting events in/around our own and it makes us feel better to talk about it. But also, they can be funny.

Episode Topic: Parasitic Worms


We love a good cryptid/urban legend on this podcast, and this episode brought us another word/catchphrase we can’t see to stop using.

Episode Topic: The Jersey Devil