Nicole (l) and Erin (R) circa 2007

Nicole (l) and Erin (R) circa 2007


It all started in 1997...

Welcome to Dude, That's F****d Up! A podcast brought to you by two best friends who have been oversharing and chatting about weird stuff for decades.  

Erin and Nicole became friends in eighth grade in a small mountain town in southern California. They went through the awkwardest phases of life side by side (high school was no joke) and They've been up to no good ever since. 

Join the ladies each week as they chat about a disturbing/macabre/weird/ridiculous topic in the irreverent, honest, and semi-informed way that only two mildly intoxicated best friends can. New episodes are up every Wednesday barring technical difficulties or nuclear war.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll HERFF. 


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Be excellent to each other, dudes. 


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Last year, Nicole quit her full-time job to pursue comedy. Welp, here it is - baby's first video! She wrote and produced it for the podcast with Erin's blessing. They are both super excited for you to see it. Over and Over until you hate it. but before that happens, share it with a friend! 

Stay tuned for more!


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